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About Me

My journey on becoming a photographer started early on as a child who was quite creative and artistic and was always surrounded by many creative people in the family but the most important inspiration is my father. It was because of him that I came in contact with my innovative side as I saw him paint for hours effortlessly.  

Since most of my relatives used cameras back in the day as well, I got my hands on a film SLR camera in 1997. I just took to it like a fish in water and this was my moment of realization about my connect with a camera.  

Over the years, as I moved along numerous beautiful cities in and out of India, I also realized that the two – travelling and photography – put together bring out the best in me. Even though I took on many interesting hobbies in life, my passion remained with my camera and has now become an obsession refined with time. 

Photography as an art form has taught me things like perseverance, patience and finding a different prospective to life, playing with light, color and subjects to create a painting through the lens. A camera, for me, is an extension of my arms and eyes and plays a very crucial role in finding the desired output. It helps me capture the raw reality of the world through my eyes and how I see it. Today, I love capturing images that have depth. I am also in the phase of experimenting with various forms of creative and non-orthodox forms of photography techniques. My goal is for my viewers and clients to be able to relate to my photographs through familiarity and recognition, seizing the emotions and energy liberated. 

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