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My tryst with photography

Many years ago I thought it was a fad, I had many interests - but this one stuck. There was just something about it I couldn't stop thinking about, I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was somewhat emotional - capturing, designing and making a photograph in a way I wanted. I always wanted to be able to paint like my father, and have the artistic creativity like my sister - and through photography became my way of being creative.

My tryst with photography began with the beginning of this century itself. Just out of school, I started experimenting with my Dad’s film camera. At first it was tough understanding the techniques but the gradual and consistent practice I started shooting.

All the techniques and terminology which seemed so alien at first gradually clicked into my brain and I never looked back. I just started obsessing over reading photography books; from camera reviews to creative inspiration...I just couldn't get enough of, thousands of online bookmarks, half a wall of photography books and magazines kept me running around with a camera practicing every single thing I read about.

A few years later, following my career path I shifted to Bangalore. I got an opportunity to become my college’s official photographer. At that point of time I was shooting with film and it was a great bonus for me since all my expenses on equipments & prints where being sponsored from college. This also gave me my passion a chance to capture more images and hence improve my skill.

I have been fortunate to have been extensively travelling in the past couple of years - which I feel changed the way I think and photograph. I need to Travel, with a camera. I love it .It's just that emotional attachment I have for it, which just still hasn't gone away. Planning new personal photographic projects for the future excites me - so many ideas, so little time.

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